If there is one trend that Nick and I are currently loving, it’s nautical themed decor.

I’ll share some of the things we have done to embrace our maritime love in our home in an upcoming post, but wanted to share some of my inspiration:

This pillow looks like it wants to come live on the Murphy couch for a little while:

I love the idea of framing maps, or even using them as wallpaper on a focal wall in a kid’s bedroom:

This striped bedding with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” pillows is an easy way to embrace the nautical trend if you are nervous to dive in:

For the true nautical lover, you can go as far as to hang gear as decor:

So what do you think about the nautical trend? Have you added something to your home or are you steering clear?


One comment

  1. lisajlukowski

    I really love the comforter in the last photo! I can’t say I’ve added anything nautical to my place but I am open to it. It would be a great themed bedroom at say, a beach house or a cabin!

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