grove pointe love

What better way to keep track of all the things happening in our crazy life than to start blogging about it, right? Aside from our wedding which is close to two months away (wow, time flies!), we are doing a lot of things in our “new” home.

So who are “we”? My name is Jen and my fiance, Nick, and I have been together for ten years – we started dating in high school.

awkward prom photo:

and here we are now:

We moved into our first house together in March of 2011, and it has been quite an adventure.  We spend our weekends working on different DIY projects and hanging out with friends. During the week we try to enjoy our evenings after work trying out new recipes, taking our dog (Amy) for walks, and just being out and about in our city.

Hopefully you will find this blog a fun one, as we have gotten this far by being able to laugh at ourselves and the mishaps that our adventures can sometimes bring.

On the radar this weekend – painting and putting up trim in our bedroom! I finally convinced Nick that the beige walls in our house are ready to be updated. (BIG win for me!)



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