fifty shades of grey

Who knew there were so many grey bedding options? We didn’t!

We recently had our wedding shower and when we registered, I was so excited to pick out some nice bedding. I knew that I wanted something grown up, versatile, and that Nick would like. There were a lot of options but we ended up choosing this one:

I really was looking for a set that would allow me to change out pillows and sheet colors so that I wouldn’t get bored with it! Here are a few other grey options that I also like:

I never would have thought that something like picking out bedding would excite me so much, but it was fun! What type of bedding are you drawn to? Simple and timeless designs? Patterns?



  1. lisajlukowski

    I just got some new bedding, too! Also similar to you, I was looking for something a little more “grown up”. It’s crazy how something as small as a comforter and sheets can just brighten up your bedroom, right?

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