wallpaper looks for less

Most people dread the task of removing tacky wallpaper from a previous owner when moving into their new home, but lately I have been considering adding the look to our bare, beige walls.

I am just getting Nick on board for adding color to the walls, so I will have to “baby step” into this wallpaper idea. Here are some fun and exciting ways I found on Pinterest (I’m obsessed!) that will help you makeover your lackluster walls:

I like this look because it uses a stencil and different paint finish to create an elegant look:

Here is a similar style but used in a bathroom. I love the way this livens up the tiny space:

This look is a little more daring but would be great for a child’s room or nursery:

And if wallpaper designs are still making you a little nervous, here is a great alternative:

Can you believe that look was created using fabric and foam installation boards? How cool!

So what do you think? Have you tried out anything similar to these styles? I am feeling inspired to try one of these looks in our tiny home office – stay tuned!



  1. shadedlinescreations

    I really like the clean but fun look of the first photo. And I have done the fabric and insulation boards. It’s really easy (pick a really good spray glue and test your fabric first….silk and thin material doesn’t do well with glue). It’s also a cheaper option if you want to change it out…you can just peel it off and glue on your next fabric swatch 🙂

    • lisajlukowski

      That’s really smart! I live in an apartment and painting is allowed but I do NOT want to go through the hassle of painting the walls back white after I move out. Maybe I can check out this foam board option!

    • grovepointelove

      I am looking to try stenciling as well – a little nervous about how well a stencil will work and hold up for a whole project. I’ll be sure to share if I get brave enough to try it! 🙂

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