weekend project – part 2

Weekend Update: We just finished painting our bedroom and are waiting to put up all of the molding. Here’s a look at what we have been up to for the past 24 hours.

1. We worked to clear everything out of our room (don’t look in our spare bedroom or office!)

2. Nick began taking down all of the old trim throughout the room

3. I thought it was cool to see the colors our room had been painted throughout the years.

4. After the floor molding was taken down, we went around with a chisel to remove any caulking that was left behind.

It is so easy to lose those tiny screws so I always use ziploc bags to keep everything together.

Next, Nick set up both of his saws so we could measure and get all of the molding sized to start painting it.

Here you can see all of the molding cut and painted. We brought it in from outside for the night and stood it up on our rug which was upside down in case any paint was not completely dry.

Next, the painting begins:

No turning back now! So we are waiting for the paint to dry and then we will start putting all of the trim up.  “After” pics are coming soon! Yay!

I am definitely looking forward to getting everything back in our room and getting a good night’s sleep tonight. Last night we shared the couch with the dog and it was a long and sleepless night!


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