weekend project – part 3

We’re done! We’re done!

Nick and I just finished putting all of the furniture back in our room because the painting and trim project is officially complete. Here are some photos from the last few steps and our official “after” pics:

1. Because we measured, cut and painted all the trim before we painted the room, we labeled the back of each piece so it would be easier to install when we were ready.

2. Here you can see the trim all installed before we began caulking any gaps and seams.

3. Nick did a great job applying the caulk and I followed him to smooth it (camera in hand!)

4. We surprisingly were able to caulk all of the trim with just one bottle of white acrylic caulking.

Once we let the caulk dry, we moved all of our furniture back into the room and added all of our accessories. (Note the new lamps that I swapped from the office and kitchen!)

The change in wall color definitely isn’t drastic but it is a big change for us and with all of our new white trim I love it. So now it is Saturday night and we have the rest of our weekend to enjoy which is great.

Here is a cost breakdown of how much our new look cost:

1 Gallon of Behr Interior Paint – $27

Three 35′ packages of molding – $39 ($13 each)

TOTAL: $66

I am already starting to plan for our home office overhaul. 😉 What room do you have painting plans for next?



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