signed, sealed, delivered…

…I’m yours!

The time has come and I am so excited that we are sending out our wedding invitations! I recently mentioned that I love stripes and found ways to incorporate them into our wedding and our invitations were no exception. Here is a look at our wedding invitations that we designed and “DIY”ed together:

(Asking friends and family to help vote to choose the first song of the evening will make getting the RSVP’s back fun!)

Here are the invitations ready to be sent out to all of our family and friends! I am glad that this project is done and out the door and getting super excited for the big day.
Did you DIY your wedding invitations?



  1. Jessica

    Your wedding invited are exactly what I am looking for and can’t seem to find!! How did you make them??

    • grovepointelove

      Thanks, Jessica! I bought kits from Joann Fabrics, but dressed them up a bit. It was helpful because they were plain and I was able to use the black folder with pocket and the white inserts. I used different ribbon that I purchased, and used large hole punches to create the “seal” that the “M” was on. All the “M”‘s were then cut out with a cricut. 🙂

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