captain’s cove

In our backyard we have a deck that runs off the back of our house. There is a part of the deck that wraps around the side of our house that seemed like a useless space, until we decided to make it useful. I give you:

This is name I have given our new nautical themed bar area. All of the different accessories we have found finally have their own space in this little deck area.

Nick was even able to make the removable bar with left over fencing.

We have started a tiny collection of “whale-shaped” rocks that we find and I have written the date and where we found them on the bottom.

Because the tiki torches could not be staked into the ground as this area sits on our deck, Nick made holders out of leftover PVC pipe.

So that is how we turned our useless space into “Captain’s Cove.” It feels nice to have a use for the space and I can’t wait to find more accessories.

Have you ever turned a small wasted area into something more?



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