kitchen i’m possible

When we first moved into our house, the kitchen seemed to be the hardest part when it came to finding a perfect place for everything. While it is still far from perfect, there are ways we have found to organize our kitchen.  It can seem like an impossible mission, but here are some of the tips I like for beginning to organize your cluttered kitchen:

For me, this one is a no-brainer. All bowls should be easily stacked to help save space in often limited cupboard space.

I try to be conscious about freezing leftovers since there is only the two of use and many recipes make large portions. This can cause the freezer to get cluttered quickly, but containers with labels like this make a big difference. You can often find ones like these at the dollar store.

One area in every kitchen that can tend to get messy fast is the tupperware cabinet. I use glass containers that easily stack and like the idea of a separate space for storing all of the lids.

I love this idea for storing measuring cups and spoons. The inside of the cabinet is unused space and the measuring chart would definitely come in handy.

These vertical shelves help keep baking sheets and pans organized and would definitely make it easier to locate what you need. I know that I often am frustrated having to dig out the baking sheet from under a large pile.

I will share how I have organized my kitchen tomorrow.
Will you be trying any of these tips in your kitchen? Have you found any other ways to make your kitchen more functional?



  1. keepitneat

    #4 is genius! Totally doing that in our kitchen. Looking forward to more fun ideas from Grove Pointe! PS – is that your black lab pup on your header??

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