white done right

When it comes to accessories and decorating in our home, I have really been drawn to white.

White accessories to me are great, because no matter what changes in furniture or wall color, they will still work. Especially when it comes to more expensive pieces, white just makes sense.  Here are some looks that use white accessories that I find inspiring:


Tomorrow I will share my favorite white accessories that are currently in the Grove Pointe house, but what accessories do you have that you love? Do you buy trendy items or look for timeless pieces?




  1. interiorapartment

    beautiful pics! I agree white is so lovely… ufortunately I have a gut instict which always pushes me towards black… Im trying to bring lighter colours into my home with upholstery, art and accessories as well 🙂 great post xxx Cat

    • grovepointelove

      Thanks for the comment, Cat. 🙂 I have to admit I only recently started adding white accessories too! Some of the all white rooms I see look so beautiful that I would love to start getting white furniture too.

  2. lisajlukowski

    White is so clean and pristine looking, but I shy away from white clothes even. Too many opportunities for a stain or scuff mark! Also, having a cat that sheds lots of hair doesn’t really work well 😉

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