entertain me

Happy Friday! My parents are having their annual “luau” party tomorrow and it got me thinking about parties and entertaining. Here are five questions I want to know from you about entertaining:

How often do you entertain for family or friends?

We are new to entertaining having not been on our own long, but so far we have had a big party each year we have lived in our home.

Do you have a favorite theme when throwing a party?

I don’t have a favorite yet, but I definitely can appreciate the effort it takes to pull a theme together. My friend had a roaring 20’s theme for her husband’s 30th birthday and it was a lot of work!

Is there a go-to dish that you bring when attending a party?

My go-to treat lately has been cupcakes! I love finding new and fun recipes to try out. For my parents party, I am going to be attempting pina colada cupcakes! (I’ll share how they turn out :))

What is your favorite time of year to entertain?

I think my favorite time would have to be the summer. We have a pool and Nick has set up the backyard really nice, so it is fun to be able to swim and entertain when the sun is shining!

When is the next time you will be entertaining at your house?

We will be pretty busy during the next few months with our upcoming wedding, but I am throwing around the idea of having a New Year’s Eve party at the Grove Pointe house this year!

Can’t wait to hear all of your responses!



  1. lisajlukowski

    I think that a New Year’s Eve party would be a great idea! What a way to start the new year in your new house with your new husband, and maybe more… 😉
    As for me, these are my answers to your questions.
    1. I entertain maybe once every few months. I usually get a group of girls to come over and I provide drinks.
    2. I used to always have theme parties when I threw parties at my parents’ house – beach, army, graffiti 🙂
    3. My go-to dish would be a delicious, warm chip dip made of Velveeta cheese and cream cheese in the crock pot. I almost always make some sort of drink as well.
    4. I think Spring is the best season to entertain only because it is starting to warm up (no coats to bring or boots to have lying around your house) and it’s not so hot that your guests are uncomfortable in your house.
    5. My birthday is next month and people will be coming to visit. I don’t know how much formal entertaining I will do but I’ll definitely have to provide some snacks and drinks for about 5-10 people!

    • lisajlukowski

      I was being scatterbrained and gave you the wrong chip dip recipe! It’s Velveeta cheese + jar of salsa. Although I wouldn’t be against trying the one I wrote 😉

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