kitchen revamp – part one

After 17  months in our house, it is finally time to make some changes to the super dated Grove Pointe kitchen. First on the list: new counters! We are definitely on a budget with this revamp so we opted for Formica, but I am really pleased with the results.

Here’s the DIY breakdown:

1. take down old Formica “backsplash”

2. remove scary “glass bottle bottom” feature from above sink

3. start sanding the the old counters so the adhesive will stick

4. clear out all the cleaning supplies from under the sink and all the appliances off of the counter

5. start laying out the new Formica and measuring the sizes needed

6. double check all measurements

7. start rolling the adhesive onto the backs of the new pieces of Formica and on the old counters

8. make yourself comfortable and rest your water on the new Formica 😉

9. bring in the newly covered counter tops

Enjoy the new Formica counter tops!

Next on the list – new tile back splash! 🙂

What kind of counter tops do you currently have in your kitchen?


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