hello backsplash

It’s time for part two of the Grove Pointe kitchen revamp:

After the Formica counter tops were complete, the next step was going to be our tile backsplash.  We only did the tile down one side of the counter as we plan to use “fancy” mosaic tile above and around the sink.

1. Nick cut and had all the tile ready for when I would be home from work so we were ready to roll.

2. We had the thin set ready to start sticking up the tiles. Nick was the spreader and I was the tile sticker. 😉

3.  And then we were off and running with the tiles!

4. After we had all the tiles up, we waiting 24 hours for them to set.

5. The next day after work Nick was ready to grout away.

6. He did a great job (but it was messy!)!

7. I would definitely suggest a large bucket with warm water and a sponge to move along with you as you need to clean up the excess grout.

8. The most difficult part of the project was cutting the tiles to fit around the outlet – but we did it!

Here is the finished product:

Now we will need to make several trips to Home Depot to find and decide on a mosaic tile for the area above and around the sink. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

What projects did you work on over the weekend?



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  3. Gennell

    Your post set my mind at ease. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I’m doing all this stuff as my fiance says to the kitchen and had a panic attack when I showed him “Anger Management 101”, I took a hammer and sunk the claws into the dry wall………..He has been having a blast learning from a women LOL. I have always wanted to do a tile cover up on formica and now I have you to thank. So wish me Luck. Post pics of the Mosaic’s I’m excited for you and Nic 🙂

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