fabulous fabric

I have been thinking about how we will decorate our home office after we decide on a paint color and I have really been interested in fabric wall art. I really loved what Kristy at bliss. did with her latest fabric project and it got me to research some options.

Here are some inspiring looks:

All of these looks used different ways to layer new fabrics and patterns into many spaces. Have you ever tried fabric wall art? Is there a spot in your home where this would work well?
(Now I need to start the hunt for a perfect nautical fabric for our office!)



  1. lisajlukowski

    I have some fabric art in my bedroom. It was my mom’s idea. You know those decorative pillow shams you get with a bed set? I never used them, so we cut them. Then we took a flat piece of cardboard and layered it with cotton, and then put the fabric from the pillow over it. We also bought some ribbon and buttons from the fabric store to give it some more jazz, and now it’s my own personal photo board! It’s great because the pattern matches my room perfectly.

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