about us

grovepointelove is a blog about our simple little life and all of the DIY projects we tackle in our first home, on a street named “Grove Pointe.”

We (Jen and Nick) moved into our first home together in March of 2011 and have been taking on projects ever since. We focus on trying to do as much ourselves that we can. Nick is great at researching and finding the most cost effective ways to complete projects. Jen is good at finding new ideas and adding to Nick’s to-do list. 😉
Take a look around and hopefully you will feel inspired to take on a DIY project of your own, or share with us your ideas and tips.

After being married last September (2012), we just added a little one to our family, Ashley Rose. She is such a joy and we can’t wait to share memories with her on the blog as well.

Ashley Rose



  1. bakingandme

    I love your blog! Nicks to do list sounds a lot like my dads to do list my mom assigns him- they joke it’s never ending! Your simple little life sounds perfect- I hope I can find a man one day to have a simple little life with! 😉

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