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the friday five – diy on a budget

It’s time for this week’s…

Given all the DIY projects we are currently working on and have planned, I thought it would be fun to ask you about your projects and how you budget yourself.

1. Do you stick to a budget when you are working on a project?

For us, the answer is definitely yes! Nick does a great job at pricing things out so we know when we can afford to start something new.

2. If you answered yes to question one, what do you do to make sure you stay on track with spending?

We keep a spreadsheet/wish list of the different projects we want to tackle. Nick figures out how much each would cost and we also have them listed in order of priority. When we have extra spending money, we look to our list and see what’s next!

3. Have you ever gone over your planned budget on a project?

I would be lying if I said we never went over budget, but usually we are pretty darn close. Usually, we end up spending more if there was something we forgot, or if we run out of supplies.

4. What DIY project are you most proud of in your home?

For me, I would say that one of my favorites is the basement of our house. Nick finished our basement (it was gutted when we moved in!) and it really looks great after all the work we’ve done.

5. What is the best part about budgeting for your DIY projects?

I think that it can be fun to set a budget and try to stay at or below the set cost. It is a cool challenge and nice to see all that we are able to do ourselves without hiring help.

I am looking forward to seeing your answers!


entertain me

Happy Friday! My parents are having their annual “luau” party tomorrow and it got me thinking about parties and entertaining. Here are five questions I want to know from you about entertaining:

How often do you entertain for family or friends?

We are new to entertaining having not been on our own long, but so far we have had a big party each year we have lived in our home.

Do you have a favorite theme when throwing a party?

I don’t have a favorite yet, but I definitely can appreciate the effort it takes to pull a theme together. My friend had a roaring 20’s theme for her husband’s 30th birthday and it was a lot of work!

Is there a go-to dish that you bring when attending a party?

My go-to treat lately has been cupcakes! I love finding new and fun recipes to try out. For my parents party, I am going to be attempting pina colada cupcakes! (I’ll share how they turn out :))

What is your favorite time of year to entertain?

I think my favorite time would have to be the summer. We have a pool and Nick has set up the backyard really nice, so it is fun to be able to swim and entertain when the sun is shining!

When is the next time you will be entertaining at your house?

We will be pretty busy during the next few months with our upcoming wedding, but I am throwing around the idea of having a New Year’s Eve party at the Grove Pointe house this year!

Can’t wait to hear all of your responses!

the friday five

This is my first “5 question Friday” and I thought I would kick it off with my favorite subject, home DIY. So here we go:

1. What is currently inspiring you to try something new?

I would have to say that Pinterest is something that inspires me each day. It’s such an awesome place to get ideas and see what other homeowners are doing. I check out the site daily and my DIY list gets longer each time!

2. Do you have any DIY projects planned for the weekend? If so, what?

Why yes we do. Nick and I will be finally adding paint to our walls – its been 16 months! We chose a light gray color for our bedroom and will be putting up crown molding. Can’t wait!

3. Is there a big project that you are currently saving money for?

We are saving for a big project next spring – building a deck to go around our pool.  It’s a pretty labor intensive job and expensive too, so we are currently in the planning phase. We’ve made a couple trips to Home Depot already to price out the materials and Nick has been working on blueprints.

4. Do you work better alone or with a partner when tackling a project?

For this one, I would have to say it definitely depends on the project. If it is something small then I sometimes work better alone as I can take my time and get things just how I like it. When it’s a larger undertaking though, I opt for Nick’s patience and muscles to help!

5. Which blogger do you look to for the latest trends and motivation?

This is a simple one. Young House Love has got to be my favorite. I love seeing all the different ways they move things around their house to change the look and feel but also keep things affordable. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their blog you should soon!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Wish us luck as we tackle the painting and crown molding in our bedroom – I’ll share the before and after pics next week!