mosaic magic

What a difference mosaic tile makes! Check out the latest transformation in the Grove Pointe kitchen:

Our mission began with a trip to Home Depot to scope out our tile options. I brought an extra tile from the first portion of the backsplash that we completed last week, and a sample of our new Formica that is on the counters.

We had planned on spending around 10 dollars per tile and needed 14 to complete the area above and around our sink. We started to look at the different choices, and Nick (per usual) spotted a deal!

At $4.99 a tile, Majestic Ocean was our choice! And it helped us save half our budget! Nick grabbed the tiles and we were quick to check out and head home to get started.

We were able to use the same grout we used on the other portion of the backsplash so we got to it and started sticking up the new tiles.

Goodbye gross brown uncovered walls and hello pretty new tile! The sink was in the perfect spot to hold the grout.

Nick finished putting up the rest of the tiles and then stood back to bask in the new look!

Then we used trim like we used in our bedroom makeover to trim out the rest of the edges surrounding the cabinets. We still need to caulk the trim but I think it looks great and is such an improvement from before!

Here you can see the trim under the cabinets by the other backsplash. I am so happy with the progress we have been making in the kitchen and even happier that it hasn’t cost us a fortune!

Next kitchen project will be removing the linoleum floor and putting in a new tile floor.  Any projects taking place in your kitchen currently?


fabulous fabric

I have been thinking about how we will decorate our home office after we decide on a paint color and I have really been interested in fabric wall art. I really loved what Kristy at bliss. did with her latest fabric project and it got me to research some options.

Here are some inspiring looks:

All of these looks used different ways to layer new fabrics and patterns into many spaces. Have you ever tried fabric wall art? Is there a spot in your home where this would work well?
(Now I need to start the hunt for a perfect nautical fabric for our office!)

lovely lemon

Over the weekend I was looking for something different to bake and came across a recipe that sounded perfect.

These lemon brownies were definitely a hit, Nick loved them! Here is how I made them:

One thing that was nice, is that I had all the necessary ingredients already in the kitchen.

I cut one stick of unsalted butter into small slices to help bring it to room temperature quickly. Then I added it to the sugar, flour, and salt and begin to mix.

I whisked the lemon juice and eggs together and then added them to the mixer. I mixed for about two minutes until everything was combined nicely.

In the mean time, I worked on the icing which was just a mix of powdered sugar and lemon juice. I opted to use bottled lemon juice since I did not have fresh lemons on hand.

Now back to the brownie mix… Once it was combined I spread it evenly into a non-stick baking pan (The recipe called for a square pan but I went for an 8×8 circle since I didn’t have the other size.).

I then baked the brownies and let them cool. After I placed them on the other side of the pan to make it easier to ice and added the icing. Then it was into the fridge to cool and set the lemon icing.

Once the brownies had completely cooled, I cut them into small bite-sized squares. They turned out great and will definitely be added to our recipe book!

Did you bake something new recently? What was it?

hello backsplash

It’s time for part two of the Grove Pointe kitchen revamp:

After the Formica counter tops were complete, the next step was going to be our tile backsplash.  We only did the tile down one side of the counter as we plan to use “fancy” mosaic tile above and around the sink.

1. Nick cut and had all the tile ready for when I would be home from work so we were ready to roll.

2. We had the thin set ready to start sticking up the tiles. Nick was the spreader and I was the tile sticker. 😉

3.  And then we were off and running with the tiles!

4. After we had all the tiles up, we waiting 24 hours for them to set.

5. The next day after work Nick was ready to grout away.

6. He did a great job (but it was messy!)!

7. I would definitely suggest a large bucket with warm water and a sponge to move along with you as you need to clean up the excess grout.

8. The most difficult part of the project was cutting the tiles to fit around the outlet – but we did it!

Here is the finished product:

Now we will need to make several trips to Home Depot to find and decide on a mosaic tile for the area above and around the sink. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

What projects did you work on over the weekend?

the friday five – diy on a budget

It’s time for this week’s…

Given all the DIY projects we are currently working on and have planned, I thought it would be fun to ask you about your projects and how you budget yourself.

1. Do you stick to a budget when you are working on a project?

For us, the answer is definitely yes! Nick does a great job at pricing things out so we know when we can afford to start something new.

2. If you answered yes to question one, what do you do to make sure you stay on track with spending?

We keep a spreadsheet/wish list of the different projects we want to tackle. Nick figures out how much each would cost and we also have them listed in order of priority. When we have extra spending money, we look to our list and see what’s next!

3. Have you ever gone over your planned budget on a project?

I would be lying if I said we never went over budget, but usually we are pretty darn close. Usually, we end up spending more if there was something we forgot, or if we run out of supplies.

4. What DIY project are you most proud of in your home?

For me, I would say that one of my favorites is the basement of our house. Nick finished our basement (it was gutted when we moved in!) and it really looks great after all the work we’ve done.

5. What is the best part about budgeting for your DIY projects?

I think that it can be fun to set a budget and try to stay at or below the set cost. It is a cool challenge and nice to see all that we are able to do ourselves without hiring help.

I am looking forward to seeing your answers!

kitchen revamp – part one

After 17  months in our house, it is finally time to make some changes to the super dated Grove Pointe kitchen. First on the list: new counters! We are definitely on a budget with this revamp so we opted for Formica, but I am really pleased with the results.

Here’s the DIY breakdown:

1. take down old Formica “backsplash”

2. remove scary “glass bottle bottom” feature from above sink

3. start sanding the the old counters so the adhesive will stick

4. clear out all the cleaning supplies from under the sink and all the appliances off of the counter

5. start laying out the new Formica and measuring the sizes needed

6. double check all measurements

7. start rolling the adhesive onto the backs of the new pieces of Formica and on the old counters

8. make yourself comfortable and rest your water on the new Formica 😉

9. bring in the newly covered counter tops

Enjoy the new Formica counter tops!

Next on the list – new tile back splash! 🙂

What kind of counter tops do you currently have in your kitchen?

black and white

We are in the process of updating our super dated kitchen, and I have been in search of inspiration. Something is so classic about the look of black and white.

Here are some of the looks that are giving me ideas for the Grove Pointe kitchen:

What do you think about the look of black and white in a kitchen? What color palate does your current kitchen have?

smitten with the mitten

One thing is for sure, Nick and I love our home state of Michigan. I am loving all of the state pride pieces there are now to have in your home. Here are some great accessories that I have had my eye on:

Home is where you rest your keys:

This Great Lakes pillow would be so cute on our living room couch:

Love these for any wall in the house:

And a little something to wear around my neck:

Do you have any state pride decor in your house? What is it?