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colorful cupcakes

I have been looking for inspiration for my next baking project and I think the time has come to try to improve my decorating skills. Here are some of the cupcakes that caught my eye while searching:

Here are where you can find the recipes and details on all the sweet cupcakes above:

1.  Chalk & Talk

2.  We Heart It

3.  Oh, Hello Friend

4.  Cake Journal

5.  Mum’s the Word

Have you tried any similar cupcake decorations before? Do these looks intimidate you like they do me? 😉



night’s out

It’s a small space in the bedroom, but it has a big purpose. Can you guess what I am talking about? It’s your nightstand.

After we were putting everything back in our bedroom after our weekend painting project, I began to notice that it is one area that I like to keep organized and the same. A quick search later, and I found that many people are on the same page as me. Take a look at these nightstands and see if you can spot the similarities:

Lamps, small jewelry storage, and framed photos are on almost each nightstand yet they all look so different.  Here is a glimpse at my current nightstand set up:

The two things I couldn’t do without are my Kate Spade ring holder, and my iPhone and iPad. My electronics are one thing the other nightstands didn’t have – I wonder where they keep theirs??

So you tell me,