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We are slowly working on creating a photo wall in our hallway and I recently felt inspired to try building one in the stairway leading down to our basement.  Photo walls that look like this make me sad:

which is why I feel like I need to devise a plan of attack for my new frame wall location.

Here are some looks I really love:

In my opinion, Young House Love can do no wrong when it comes to decorating and I love the mix of different memories that they highlight on their frame wall.

I really like the clean look of this photo wall and think it would be great in a dining room or a home office.
Here is a look at our current hallway frame wall, where we tried to hide our thermostat in the mix of frames.

These frames were given to me as a shower gift by my best friend and maid of honor and we just love them!

Do you have a frame wall in your house? Where is it located? Did you slowly add to it or gather everything and then display it?


white done right

When it comes to accessories and decorating in our home, I have really been drawn to white.

White accessories to me are great, because no matter what changes in furniture or wall color, they will still work. Especially when it comes to more expensive pieces, white just makes sense.  Here are some looks that use white accessories that I find inspiring:


Tomorrow I will share my favorite white accessories that are currently in the Grove Pointe house, but what accessories do you have that you love? Do you buy trendy items or look for timeless pieces?


moody blues

I have been thinking a lot about what color I want to paint our home office.  I plan to go with a nautical theme and have been thinking blue with lots of white accents. There are so many options with the color blue and here are some of the shades I have been liking.

Of course, I had to throw in a striped option!

Do you have a blue room in your home? What color did you select?

office space

I spent my Saturday night searching for the essentials my home office makeover will need to have. Pinterest seemed like the perfect spot to begin my search and I was right. Here are the 5 things I think any home office space needs:

1. A Monogrammed Piece. I love monogrammed accessories and our office is definitely in need of an “M.” I like how in this office the “K” is subtle and the same color as the walls.

2. Clean Organization. I love using matching boxes (these ones look like the ones I have from Ikea) to organize all of your office supplies rather than having everything in view.

3. Photo Wall. Since we love our hometown so much, I plan to take zoomed in pictures of nautical touches throughout the city and highlight them with a photo wall. I think a 3×3 square of white frames against a bold wall would look awesome!

4. Custom Curtains. Don’t go for the standard shams in your home office. I plan to even go as far as to attempt sewing if I can find the perfect nautical print at the fabric store.

5. The Perfect Chair. I am going to begin my search for the perfect chair that I can re-upholster. I think that a fabric chair is a great way to personalize your space and even add a bold print.

What am I missing? Anything else I should add to my “office essentials” list?