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storage saves space

If your home is anything like ours, a 3 bedroom ranch, chances are you have a small bathroom. I am always looking for new ways to create storage without cluttering the space.  Here are some storage solutions that won’t affect your space:

Do you have a small bathroom like us? What have you done to create more storage?


decluttering our kitchen

Yesterday I shared some fun ways to organize your cluttered kitchen. Here are some of the simple ways we have better organized the Grove Pointe kitchen:

These glass jars hold flour, coffee, and sugar. They help keep the ingredients we use most at quick access and free up the space it would take to store them in our cupboards.

I bake often and have collected a lot of different cupcake liners. This is a fun way to store them while adding bright pops of color to the kitchen.

Cereal is a staple in the Murphy house and we store ours in these containers on the fridge. It helps to keep the cereal lasting longer without having many boxes crowding the space.

These bowls fit perfectly in this tiny and otherwise useless space. I don’t think I would buy bowls that aren’t stackable ever again!

Lastly, I store all of our glass storage lids in a separate container. I also use another basket to hold all of our tinier plastic storage pieces. This has really helped when looking for the perfect size container.
So that is a look at what we have currently done to keep our kitchen less cluttered and easier to navigate. Have you tried any of these in your kitchen?