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We are slowly working on creating a photo wall in our hallway and I recently felt inspired to try building one in the stairway leading down to our basement.  Photo walls that look like this make me sad:

which is why I feel like I need to devise a plan of attack for my new frame wall location.

Here are some looks I really love:

In my opinion, Young House Love can do no wrong when it comes to decorating and I love the mix of different memories that they highlight on their frame wall.

I really like the clean look of this photo wall and think it would be great in a dining room or a home office.
Here is a look at our current hallway frame wall, where we tried to hide our thermostat in the mix of frames.

These frames were given to me as a shower gift by my best friend and maid of honor and we just love them!

Do you have a frame wall in your house? Where is it located? Did you slowly add to it or gather everything and then display it?


six stripes

I have always loved stripes. Anyone who knows me will tell you that my closet must be made up of all stripes because it seems to be all I wear lately. I love them so much I even found a way to incorporate them into my wedding (I’ll share that later…)!

Here are 6 striped looks that I would love to have on my walls one day:

It had never occurred to me to try a striped look in the hallway but here I think it looks great.

These beige stripes are a great compliment to the bedding and pops of blue in this room.

The idea of a small accent wall of stripes is exciting. This would work great in a smaller entry way.

This look is such a classic. The dark furniture looks great against the lighter accent of stripes.

You can’t go wrong with pink stripes in my opinion! I even tried a look like this in my room at my parent’s house after I graduated college.

This soft and framed look is perfect for a nursery.

Have you have a love of all things striped? Have you tried any similar looks in your house?


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